Seeing life through ITIL’s lens

Does a Service Management professional’s brain never stop seeing ‘incidents’ and ‘problems’ around them?

On my way to the itSMF conference in rainy London, I saw a woman trip on wet marble as she entered the tube station. As she fell to the floor on her backside I automatically thought: ‘This could have been easily avoided with Proactive Problem Management!’

In fact, tripping-on-wet-marble can be seen as a ‘known error’ since it has happened before and continues to happen over and over every time it rains, and would be easily resolved by placing a sufficient number of anti-slip rubber mats right at the entrance, where the floor is wet and slippery.

Is it just me who sees life applications for ITIL principles?


Samantha-Jane Scales, Senior Service Management consultant


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One Response to “Seeing life through ITIL’s lens”

  1. Steve Says:

    Nice analogy. It has made me think of when I used to play marbles as a kid and left them on the floor only for my mum to slip on. Thankfully I was not perceived as a ‘known-error’, but I did have to put my marbles away after that……..I have not lost them yet!

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